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In a world of exponential advancement, on an ever-increasing trajectory into modernisation— the way we educate our children remains surprisingly nascent.


Given the rapid pace with which technology has penetrated students’ lives,  education systems across the globe need an urgent face-lift or risk becoming obsolete. We live in an interconnected web of globalized societies, without boundaries or barriers to information. Societies in which you can hardly walk down the street without bumping into someone staring at their phone. News and information is disseminated faster than wild-fire. And almost any picture, product or place can be viewed with the click of a button. The chances are that you are reading this article on your hand held device.

Education seems more out of place than ever before, set to the backdrop of an increasingly far-removed nation of gamers, vloggers and tweeters.

So is there a silver bullet? Perhaps not, but we know what works well to engage students. In fact we’ve always known that play, personalization and self-belief are essential ingredients for cognitive engagement in young learners. Once you have a learner engaged, the possibilities for their development are boundless.

Using the language of ‘play’, we can introduce children to a more engaging, relatable and impactful locus of learning. This revitalization starts with a simple discussion. So let’s talk about games-based learning (GBL) in schools.

We hope to advocate GBL as the necessary, inspiring, and hugely successful pedagogy we already know it to be. Believing there to be a handful of major contributors to the demoralization, boredom and confusion of children today, which leads them to doubt their abilities, lose self-belief—and worse— terminates any desire to continue learning. These include: a lack of motivation, engagement, and confidence. GBL potentially provides one form of cure-all to these hurdles.

Drawing on a wide-scoping array of disciplines— from scientific, psychological and social evidence, to case studies and our own experiences as a leading games-based teaching platform— we hope to highlight the need for broader forms of schooling. A demand to shift away from the small range of outdated techniques used all-too-often as the only mode of teaching, and celebrate the curious, imaginative and active minds of children. Specifically, through GBL.

The goal is to create an open community of like-minded professionals, academics, parents and more, to share our vision and take part in an interactive space for all things GBL.

This will include instruction on how to apply GBL in practical, real-world terms, not merely speculation on the theory which underpins it. That is, how to create action out of thought. We will draw on academics in the field, keep you updated with the latest news, utilise our expertise as a leading GBL company, and welcome all forms of information, first-hand experiences or requests you may have pertaining to GBL.

Read About Us  to find out more about what we do as a company and the part we hope to play in this global revolution; to reinvigorate lessons through a system of GBL that we’ve worked so hard to create and guide our future generations into better lives and better career prospects, by showing them that anyone can learn math and have fun whilst doing so…