Here is a selection of teacher comments throughout the many years of Mangahigh implementation in Australia and New Zealand so far. These are a true testament to the impact a Games-Based Learning platform like Mangahigh can have on the learning process of children who can no longer relate to traditional pedagogy, and the support it can provide to teachers who can no longer get through to them…

Maidstone Intermediate School, Wellington, New Zealand

Grant Reid, Math teacher said:

“Those teachers who have begun to use Mangahigh in their daily maths programme are raving about it. I did a demonstration/promo in assembly using a couple of my mathematicians on Wednesday. It went down very well. My kids have done a wonderful job going into other classes to get both teachers and students up and running. We are planning to make our first presentations in assembly next Wednesday. Mangahigh is an outstanding innovation. We will certainly do our best to spread the word.”

Caloundra Christian College, Queensland, Australia

Wally Kokavec, Math teacher:

“My kids performed 3 challenges in class today and they absolutely loved it. I must say I had the best lesson since being a teacher in the last 10 years. Kids are on fire and are gaining medals at home tonight. Thank you so much this is awesome.”

Grace Lutheran Primary School, Queensland, Australia

Erin Evans, primary teacher:

“My students and I found Mangahigh to be a very engaging maths website. It provided a fantastic opportunity for the students to show prior knowledge of maths concepts, learn new maths concepts and be challenged to extend their understanding of maths concepts while having fun at the same time.”

Marsden High School, New South Wales, Australia

Aparna Thadani, Math teacher said:

“Mangahigh roused a blazing interest in maths, particularly amongst our boys in year 8 and 9. The competitive nature of the games and the dynamic leader-board keeps students on their toes, excited to be in the top 5 of each Prodigi challenge or game within the school. Even our year 11s and 12s enjoyed taking a break from the traditional forms of learning and played Mangahigh at home.

The interactive nature of the lessons, adaptive learning methodology, 24/7 access and instant feedback mechanism allows children to stay engaged and helps them build confidence in their own mathematical abilities. The analytics section is particularly helpful for us as teachers as we’re able to narrow down and address the exact areas each student has difficulty with. This software is an excellent tool for mathematics teaching and learning. We intend to continue using Mangahigh at Marsden High School, particularly since our boys and girls choose to play Mangahigh at home on weekends!”

Penrhos College, Perth, Australia

Sean Ebert, Head of Year 10:

“I believe that Mangahigh is an outstanding product.  The student engagement is extremely high with competition inspiring great involvement.  The activities match perfectly with the Australian Curriculum and are easy to search and assign to classes and individual students.  I really like the fact that the activities get harder as each student becomes more proficient.”

East Hills Boys High School, New South Wales, Australia

Mr Brett Palmer, Head Teacher of Mathematics:

“East Hills Boys High School are into our 3rd year of using Mangahigh for our year 7-10 students. We have found it to be an exceptional way for engaging our boys with technology. It is easy to link games and tasks to National curriculum content, easy to track student progress and easy to administer. We have incorporated its use into our teaching programs for at least 1 50 minute lesson per fortnight per class. Parents, students and teachers have commented on how good this software is. Parents are seeing their children engage in activities at home that are not necessarily assigned to them. Students are saying Maths is fun and teachers enjoy using the software to engage students and enhance their learning. It is comprehensive in its content, it is easy to adapt the content to the needs of your school and importantly, it is accessible anywhere.

We have used it successfully to help improve motivation for our lower ability students, to lift achievement for students in our middle bands, and to challenge students who excel in Mathematics. We will continue to use this software in the coming years.”

Dunsandel School, New Zealand

Tracey, Math Teacher said:

“Thanks for the opportunity to be involved in the Manga Maths Challenge. My pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I saw levels of self motivation I have never witnessed in these children before.  They said to tell you Manga Maths is: cool, awesome, the best maths ever, tricky, great fun, sometimes hard, cool medals, fun challenging my mates.

I think if we were involved in the challenge, if another one was offered, they are much wiser now and would attack in a different way. Just missing out on a top 10 place by 1 medal was gutting for them but they realised that now they know more, they might have a better chance next time.
Some encouraging words from the parents are: it’s amazing to see him doing maths homework by himself, she’s actually wanting to do the maths online, can’t get him off the computer, Tracey what have you done to him, he’s on the site all night! I saw all of these factors as positive for my class.”


Emanuel School, New South Wales, Australia

Joseph Peacock, Math Teacher:

“Kids loved it; ADHD student who has NEVER before been able to focus in the last periods of the day in any class, except for phys ed, wouldn’t stop till he got a medal! Absolutely phenomenal! His mother is overjoyed, and the rest of the maths staff room were gobsmacked!”

Carine Senior High School, Western Australia

L. Bell, Math Teacher:

“With my low-ability Year 10 class at Carine SHS, Mangahigh has been used as a tool to help those students who needed to pass their OLNA [Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment] test.  At the start of the year there was only one student in the class of 24 that had already achieved numerical competency.  After working with Mangahigh, 20 students out of the remaining 23 achieved competency and only 3 students still need to pass OLNA.  21 out of 23 students equates to an 87% pass rate!  Mangahigh, used with teacher direction, is a wonderful program and is extremely useful for targeting OLNA success.”