Our mission as a company is to provide a platform to implement game-based learning within schools. Specifically, within math lessons.




Games provide a platform which children understand and can relate to. Forming a setting which is risk free, fun, and allows for students who lose interest easily to remain engaged whilst learning. But more importantly, allows those who otherwise might label themselves as ‘math blind’ to build up their confidence, free from peer judgement or classroom pressure. Research has shown holds a direct correlation with increased academic performance.

We understand the importance of tapping into the psyche of the net-generation and using game-based learning, to add new meaning to learning where it becomes associated with fun and not dread. Where the classroom becomes a safe and informative arena for children to gain new forms of knowledge through enjoyable experiences, in a way that intrigues and inspires them to continue to learn once they go home.

We hope to remove the barriers of school and home life, and encourage learning to take place at any time or place. To reconfigure a child’s understanding of why they go to school— because learning is fun and anyone can do it.

Launched in 2010, Mangahigh has come on leaps and bounds ever since. Capturing the modern zeitgeist and invigorating the way we look at educating children in math. With over 600 original, country sensitive math activities for ages 5-16, and used by more than 5,000 schools, we have been gaining both momentum and recognition on the world stage as one of the best tech tools for teachers.


“Mangahigh is delivering fun, competitive, game-based lessons that drive greater  engagement and understanding” (Bill Gates’ Annual Letter 2012).


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