We need YOUR student’s help!

We have recently launched our newly madeover Bubble Function and now we need help from your students!

In the game, you’ll be transported to a temple in the middle of a jungle, where players have to use their knowledge of functions to pop the bubbles before they overwhelm the garden, whilst being supported by the jungle temple guardian.

Here’s where you and your students fit into this! Our jungle guardian hasn’t been named yet, some of the team had suggestions like Squarey McSquareface but we don’t think that fits quite right, so we’d like your students to name the jungle guardian.

What you need to know about the guardian is that it’s caring, kind and very supportive – here it is supporting Claudia (one of the brains behind the game) whilst she works on another new game for Mangahigh. 

But be warned the guardian comes with a mischievous side! Here’s where we found the guardian in our HQ in London!

We even caught the guardian at The Royal Exchange in London!

What we’d like you to do is to print out and create your own 3D jungle guardians and place them around your classroom or school or anywhere this mischievous little guardian manages to find themselves! (The guardian likes to travel far and wide!) Then send us pictures of what he gets up to along with a name your students think fits the guardian’s personality using the hashtag #MHguardian on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. On the 12th July we will choose a name from those submitted, meaning your students can officially name a Mangahigh character (and will receive a certificate to prove it!)

Don’t forget to tag us (@Mangahigh), otherwise we might miss it!

Here’s a video to give you a quick look into what mathematical concepts Bubble Function covers: