Our Success (Australia & New Zealand)

A selection of research evaluations and testimonials on the effectiveness, success rates, and impact Mangahigh has had in the classroom— ranging from our earliest times to the more recent past.

Exceptional Teacher Feedback

Here is a selection of teacher comments throughout the many years of Mangahigh implementation in Australia and New Zealand so far. These are a true testament to the impact a Games-Based Learning platform like Mangahigh can have on the learning… Continue Reading →

NSW Department of Education and Communities – Research Evaluation

An evaluation of Digital Games-Based Learning with Mangahigh in school contexts conducted by the NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre. A 10 week independent trial in 9 NSW Government schools. The study investigates the potential of Digital Games-Based Learning and… Continue Reading →

Westside Christian College, Queensland – Research Evaluation

Read the results of the research trial carried out at Westside Christian College near Ipswich, Queensland.  

South Australia Secondary Principals Association (SASPA) – Research Evaluation

18 secondary schools in South Australia took part in a 6 week trial with Student performance, confidence and attitude towards mathematics was measured. The trial ran from  March to April 2011 and students engaged in both topics that were… Continue Reading →

Independent Schools Queensland – Research Evaluation

8 Independent schools in Queensland Australia took part in a 6 week trial to assess the impact of Mangahigh’s math resources on studentsʼ performance and attitude in mathematics. The schools made extensive use of the resources, from Feb to March… Continue Reading →

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