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Mangahigh Improves Results In Math, But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

A Teacher’s Perspective on How Mangahigh Has Helped to Improve His Students’ Achievement In Math!  

The Psychology Behind Game-Based Learning

What is the psychology behind game-based learning? Let us give you a quick run through of the science behind the theory.  

Gamification of Homework, a Success Story

A Fantastic Blog PieceĀ From Sunny Thakral, Who Has Kindly Allowed Us To Re-Post

Mangahigh’s Game-Based Learning Recipe

What makes a great game-based learning platform? Some essential things to look for when choosing the right resource for your teaching.  

The Case for Game-Based Learning

Student engagement is harder to maintain than ever before, especially amongst the math and science subjects. Is game-based learning the answer 21st century teaching has been searching for? It might just be.  

About Us

Our mission as a company is to provide a platform to implement game-based learning within schools. Specifically, within math lessons.  

Our Mission

Let Us Tell You A Bit About Our Blog For All Your Game-Based LearningĀ Needs  

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